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    I am booked in for Open Septo Rhino with Alar Base reduction with Dr Giannitrapani in February (On my Birthday!!!…EEEEKKKK).

    I’m so excited and nervous all in one and would like any advice from anyone that has had the same surgery or Surgeon about what to expect before, during and after.




    Hi charlotte. I’ve just had my open rhinoplasty with alar base reduction with Dr andrea on 9 Nov. I was so nervous but the staff and Dr Andrew were all amazing and put you at ease. For the 2 days after the op I slept a lot. Day 2 & 3 I found the swelling on my face and certainly round my eyes got worse. By day 3 I could see it going down again. I was expecting to be in a lot of pain but completely surprised that its not been anything like I thought it would be. It’s more uncomfortable as the packaging up your nose means you have to breathe through your mouth, it’s just like having a bad cold. Im so excited to see the result in a few days when my splint comes off in a few days. Good luck and Feb will be here before you know it x


    I’m in with him in February 13th! I’m so excited but I think my main concern is the anaesthetic? Like I’m scared to go under lol everything else seems fine just that! ????


    I see him for my consultation in 10 days. I’m mainly wanting the tip narrowing as my nose is more bulbous ???? pls keep us informed on how you get on. Is everyone Happy with their results?? X

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