Operation day tomorrow, what should I expect ? Started by: Alex

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  • Alex 15

    So it’s my op day tomorrow! Feeling excited
    But what should I expect on the day once I arrive at the hospital?
    If my admission time is 7:30 , what time am I likely to be out of the hospital?

    Clair 7

    I stayed overnight cos I was having a lift too. By the time I’d got settled after everyone had been in taking notes, drawing me and discussing anaesthetic, I was heading to the op room. 2hrs after admission and felt like minutes.

    Saraht 3

    Mines tomorrow too 🙂 – are you going to Fitzroy?

    Katie 8

    I hardly got to properly settle! It all went faster then expected when I went! My admission time was 12, I got taken to my room, given my gown and a urine pot so they can do pregnancy test. Within an hour and half I’d spoken to the nurse, anethitist and surgeon to mark me up. I went down for surgery at 2pm was back up for 3:15, then 3 hours of checking obs, having some food and drink, doing a wee and they can discharge you if all is okay! I imagine if your time is early morning you won’t be waiting long at all
    I was patient 6/9 of the day

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