Over or under – did you get the choice? Started by: Abby

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  • Abby

    I have been told I can have overs or unders / partials. Wondering what you chose if you had the choice? Are you happy with your choice?

    And “over” girls- how do they last after a while? What do they look like laying down?

    Any photos or tips are welcome! Really confused whether to go over or under ?

    Hannah 26

    My surgeon decided as my chest muscles are too high if we went under it would cause an unnatural shape. Unders were only really developed to prevent the capsular contracture which now is reduced with textured implants. From the appearance in face value I don’t think you can tell whether they are unders overs. Unders I believe have a longer recovery too

    Alex 15

    Unders have a longer recovery process as they are touching your chest muscles, because you have muscle and breast tissue covering the implant, unders can be more beneficial for those who have very little breast tissue to start with as there is more to cover the implant. With overs the recovery time is shorter, and your new boobs will move and feel more like normal boobs because they’re not held in place by your chest wall, from what I’ve seen unders can make the implants sit higher on your chest and my friends literally don’t move, they’re held in place. I had the choice and I’ve gone with overs, as this is what my surgeon recommended and I’m a 32 A 🙂

    Sarah 64

    I was advised unders. But the description my surgeon (not mya) said was if you put a bed sheet over a pile of bricks you will see the outline of the bricks more than if you put a duvet over the bricks. If you don’t have enough tissue to cover the implant then unders are better to cover the shape of the implant.
    However if you have been given the choice then you probably have enough tissue to start with.
    Like someone above has said, unders are held in place by your pectoral muscles. Mine are not high at all but I have breastfed so they have been stretched twice before my op!
    Maybe just ask your surgeon what the pros and cons are for each and work out your decision by process of elimination?!
    Good luck choosing xx

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