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    hiya i also wanted to know this as i had my consultation with my surgeon (mr singh) he said my breast are shape as tubular so he recommended i have the 525cc overs im happy this will make me a 38DD but question is can i have unders as i have read that they will go saggy due to weight loss and possible as you get older ???????????????? regarding the CCs its measured as volumes and does not accumilate a cup size but if you measure in a jug the size or around the size with rice and pour rice into tights this will give you a guide to what size you will require hth


    I have my ba on 26 June with Mr Singh. I’m size 10, 32B and hope to be a D so having 380cc. Mr Singh believes I have enough breast tissue for overs and explained that ultimately it is his decision, however after reading other comments I’m concerned about sagging so I will discuss this with Mr Singh on the day of my op. Before my appointment with him I went on the internet and downloaded some pics of the kind of look I would like to achieve and the kind I don’t like which I took with me so he could understand what I wanted – this seemed to help and he felt that what I wanted was achieveable.
    Good luck with your appointment.


    I am a size 8, 32B wanting to go to a 32DD, I would like advise on whether it is better to get implants over or under the muscles and could any one explain the (cc) used in alot of the discussions on here.
    I have an appointment with Mr Singh next Wednesday and just wanted a bit of heads up from people with experience as to what to expect.
    Thank you :-)

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