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  • Lauren 4

    I know overs and unders refers to under or over the muscle. But does it make a difference to how they look? Or any other differences?

    JoC87 15

    Hi- yes it does but it’s dependant on the amount of breast tissue you have to start with.
    If you are very small then your surgeon might recommend under the muscle as you will get more coverage and a more natural look. If you have overs with little breast tissue you in the risk of looking fake and also the implant looking more noticeable.
    I had no option to go for unders. The recovery is harder with unders but I’m made up with mine.
    Hope this has helped

    Lauren 4

    I did think that was the case. Do both overs and unders ‘drop and fluff’ or is that just a under thing? Thankyou x

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