Overs (around 300c) with Mr M – help/advice please gals! Started by: Natalie

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    Hi Ladies!

    Sorry if this is a bit long! Want to paint the best picture possible haha!

    Forum newbie here and any advice/extra info/pics would be SO HELPFUL <3

    So, long story short, I used to have bigger boobs (around an E) but lost weight in my late teens and got the gym bug. Much happier with my figure these days, but my boobs (now around a C) are lacking volume and the shape could be better.

    I don’t really want bigger boobs/fake looking boobs as I have quite a broad athletic figure and am tall (about 5ft 9 and im very worried about looking top heavy/or just generally “big”)

    I had been keen for partials, but have seen Mr Marcelliano who said because I have quite a muscly chest that overs would be better and he wouldn’t want to cut the muscle. I have had consults elsewhere, who said I was a perfect candidate for partials – but I prefer Mya and I did love Mr M.

    My only BIG concern with this is I want my boobs to look as natural as possible, and have heard overs can look more “enhanced”. I also compete in bikini competitions as a hobby (not pro/ or super, super lean) so do sometimes lean down somewhat – so am concerned of having two round/ potentially saggy orbs when leaner/not hidden or supported by a bit of muscle!

    Obviously overs have lots of pros too and the lesser recovery time IS appealing to me.

    I have been recommended 300cc, 325cc or 350cc – I asked for 250cc to also be considered as the bigger ones do scare me slightly! lol. Mr M said the smaller ones had potential to get “lost” size wise on my body.

    My mum used to have 300cc overs, and hers looked MASSIVE and also dropped considerably (she is slighlty smaller than me, so maybe that’s why!)

    If any tall and/or gym gals could give me more info on overs rather than partials or if any of you ladies have gone from around a C and had around 300cc it would be fab to hear from you!

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