Partial unders/ Dual Plane/ Sub pectoral. Started by: lorah

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  • lorah

    hiya. following a consult with Dr Adamo we have decided to go partial unders… just wondering if anyone else has has this. ive heard that they are initially quite high which is definately NOT what i want. i want my new boobies to look natural so lower is probably a bit better.
    in your opinion are partial unders more natural looking than complete unders? Mr Adamo says its the way forward for breast augmentation at the moment…which sounds good. is it more or less painful than complete unders? ive booked two weeks off work (im a waitress) will that be enough? ideally id like to go back aftr a week but avoid heavy lifting etc.
    also… ive seen like… compression garments to kinda push down your boobs like this…
    anyone used this? its supposed to hlp your boobs drop sooner. apparently so does massaging them downwards?
    also… im a 32a/30b having 340cc… any idea what this will make me? im worried i might be dissapointed? but Mr Adamo says most people find their boobs end up bigger than they expect. i want a 32c/3d… what do you think?

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