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    Whats the difference and does it affect size? any idea? been offered unders with dr Russo but went to see Transform ages ago and their surgeon said partials but im not going with them anyway


    partials are unders hun, well usually. unders are under all three muscles, where as partials are under the first, but most surgeons say unders for partials. i have partials, because i didnt have much tissue to start with, and if you look at people like fairyxx (im going to seem her stalker), she had none any.

    overs generally go to people with tissue whether it be full of empty for whatever reason xx


    oh so it can be the same? :/ like someone might have unders but call them partials and vice versa? I wonder how far under mine will be… another question for the pre op list!xx

    natalie214 1

    i think i recall that they only do full unders for reconstruction or transgender, and other scenrios they are all partials.



    it is rare they do full unders, very rare from what iv heard. i think its just easier to say unders then partial, as its more under then an over. no-one i know on here has full unders (im the only person i know of with implants personally) xx

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