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    Hi girls, I know our partners are looking forward for our BA results, but are they patience with the results? I am scared my husband will say “they look so disgusting!”. Did any of you had a bad time explaining your partner it takes time to get the good BA ?


    Ive warned my partner that they are going to look awful for the first couple of weeks after seeing so many girls saying that they do. 18 days to go xx


    My partner said they look sore and swollen but that’s about it. I know he wouldn’t say they ‘look disgusting’ unless he didn’t want 2 have sex for a very long time hahaha but if your worried just don’t show him until they have well and truly settled (or until your happy with them) just can’t take your sports bra off for any reason at all lol, what they don’t know can’t hurt lol 😉 xxx

    Whitney 1

    My partner loved them from day 1 ha x

    Jayde 1

    My boyf couldn’t stop looking at them his word were “wow there huge I love them” haha, only 3 days PO! Oh and he also said that there Better than he imagined! Xx

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