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    Help girls my pc today said not to go onto the forum ul get confused with sizes and ul change mind….. I’m going for a 300cc form a 32a is this big and I need to see peoples before and after’s pleassseee

    chloe 3

    hi.. that’s a bit odd.. my pc was the one that told me to go on here and have a read through other peoples stories and look at pictures she said it was very helpful as I was fairly new to the BA world.. I am booked in for my op on Monday and I am having 400cc UHP overs I am currently 34a/b so guessing I will be D afterwards x

    Meg 11

    She probably said that because everyone is different and your surgeon will choose a size depending on loads of different factors so it’s hard to work out a size from just reading things on here. I was a 32b before and had 325/350cc unders which will take me to about a D and I couldn’t have any bigger as I was at risk of rippling and my implants showing, so I’m guessing as you’re slightly smaller, 300cc will be perfect 🙂 xx

    katy 4

    I understand where she’s coming from booked and picked me cc and surgery day then came on here
    Mind was working overtime
    I had to make a second consultation but stuck to my size of 400cc 27hours post op now and couldn’t be happier xxx


    So do you think a 300cc is too big from a small 32a cup size I cud have had up.to 350cc but felt hudge xxx


    I’m quite petite and having 480cc so I wouldn’t worry! 300/350cc isn’t big. I’d say D at biggest. Xx

    Sophie 25

    hi stacey… i was told to come on here if i wanted to but i must admit it did make me panic a few times but i found it more helpful than not! everyone is lovely on here and reassuring i love coming back on speaking to the girls ive been chatting to and seeing how they are doing, i was offered 300,325 and 350 and was a small A/AA cup. i had my surgery wedesday, there are a few photos on my profile feel free to add me( i think you may already have) i haven’t took any without my bra yet as they are a bit swollen at the moment but take a look and ask anything you like. im hoping to be a D xxxx

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