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  • Jessica04 3

    Hi girls 🙂
    I’m 13 days post op today and am already so pleased with my results! My swelling seemed to go down considerably by day 3, I’m still a little swollen more so on the left side but it seems to have remained pretty much the same over the last 10 days or so and I’ve had no bruising at all which I’m amazed at!
    Pain has been very minimal, I only used painkillers for around a week intermittently and I’ve been resting a lot!
    The main issue I’ve had is getting my period 5 days post op. For some reason, it was a week early so I wasn’t expecting it. Normally I use tampons, so between having to use sanitary towels and trying to clean up with the stitches, trying to be gentle it was a nightmare! If you’re able to take the pill to avoid having your period during the initial healing stages, I’d definitely recommend doing it because it’ll make life so much easier!
    I had my first day back in work yesterday, I have a very active job and found I was very uncomfortable at times during the day & had to keep going to the bathroom to wash as the stitches were getting irritated & itching a lot!
    Overall though I’m so happy I decided to get the procedure and my results are far better than expected already! 🙂 x

    louise 3

    I’m expecting mine to come shortly after my op too, don’t have enough time to sort out the pill. How would you reccomend cleaning during to ensure nothing is irritated?

    Hope you are healing well!

    Jessica04 3

    I showered twice a day, sometimes three times with plain water and used salt water and cotton pads to try and clean in the creases regularly throughout the day.
    The blood stained my stitches which I was worried about as I couldn’t get them clean without rubbing hard, which I didn’t want to do incase it caused more issues, but it didn’t cause any problems & eventually rinsed off on it’s own!
    I’d recommend to change your sanitary towel every 2 hours or so if you’re able to, as I found if I left it a while it would start to itch!

    I’m healing brilliantly thank you, 3 weeks post op today! Still a little swollen and my labia and clitoral hood do feel hard to touch but they seem to be softening as time goes on. So pleased with my results it looks amazing! X

    louise 3

    Its quite scary isnt it! I am not 3 days post op and showering with no other soap or products and using salt water to dab around but not sure how to properly clean it all as i can actually see the labia now. i’ve had a bit of blood and a bit more today with the pulling sensation everyone mentioned becoming apparent. But now im not sure if the extra blood i experienced today is just part of healing, my period or something to call the hotline about its not a lot atall but more than i am used to.

    It is amazing though isn’t! I am so excited to be all healed! Wish i had gone through with this a long time ago!

    So pleased its going well for you 🙂

    thank you so much for answering all my silly questions


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