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  • Hannah 1

    Hi girls, booked my surgery for the 9th of September with Dr Marcellino. However I just remembered that I’m a guest at a wedding just five days after the surgery! Any advice on how I would be feeling or whether I should postpone the surgery for another date? Would really appreciate any advice!

    Sophie 5

    Hi ! I went back to work 5 days post op, I was fine but my back really hurt and I couldn’t really lift things/it hurt to laugh/sneeze etc 😂

    I’d say you should be fine but if it’s an important wedding maybe postpone your surgery. The worst thing for me was the back pain and how the painkillers (codeine) made me feel and I stopped taking that on day 4 as I wasn’t in a lot of pain and they made me feel groggy and sick so maybe see how you are with them also?

    Hope this helps!


    Emma 4

    Are you having unders or overs? apparently the recovery is worse if you have unders. I had overs and was back to work after 3 days. just had to walk very slow and obviously not lift/pull anything and just be very careful. I wouldnt recomment drinking too much though as youll be on painkillers/anibiotics xxx

    Georgia 23

    I had unders and I didn’t leave the house for the whole week if not 10 days, partly because I couldn’t shower or anything but mostly because I was just so stiff and I got easily short of breath all the time because it was so tight! If your having unders I don’t think you’ll be comfortable at going to a wedding that soon but people who have had overs seem to recover a lot quicker x

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    Hannah 1

    Thank-you girls! After reading your replies I decided to postpone it for the week after instead. Thank-you so much for all your advice!

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