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  • Georgia 15

    Hi I’m 4 days post op and I swear I look asif I am 3 months pregnant. I went to the gym 5-6 times a week before my op and eat really healthy, my belly was flat a day before surgery. I look asif I’ve put on a few pounds in 4 days. Is anyone else like this?
    I know they say you can come constipated after surgery but I do suffer with constipation a lot anyways and I usually only go to the toilet 3 times a week if I’m lucky, so that wouldn’t usually affect it.
    I thought getting boobs would make my belly look flatter but at the moment my belly is still sticking out further than my boobs haha!



    I’m 11 days post op. The bloated belly is all part of it, all due to the medication and what your body’s going through etc. Mine has gone down now. Was really bloated and my tummy was solid.


    Yes I had it for a good 10 days. I found it more painful than the surgery


    Yes, me too. It took a good couple of weeks to go down. Just your body’s reaction to all the meds I think.

    Sarah 2

    Some medication can cause this, even when the surgery is in a different area. I’m glad I saw this post x

    Eleni 1

    Does anyone know what food is good for bloating? I think I’d blow up if I had any bread ? 1dpo and took a laxative yesterday evening and my tummy has definitely got softer xx (dulcolax)

    Started the day with lemon and ginger hot water and a coffee – defo helping x

    Tantan 3

    Hey ladies, I previously posted on another thread about the dreaded bloat. I felt like I was going to burst, my belly was rock solid and hurt like hell. I couldn’t blame it on the meds because I only took painkillers once on the first evening of my op. It took several lots of ducolax and 3 and a half weeks before it went completely down 🙁 all I can recommend is peppermint tea and not worrying as it’s all totally normal and will eventually go. Just awful looking and seeing that your belly is bigger than your new boobs. Hang in their girls, it’s all worth it in the end 🙂

    Gemma 17

    Loads of girls say it’s the meds so I wouldn’t worry. Your body’s just gone threw surgery, you’ll be constipated and you’ll also be holding water. It’s sad but it’s totally normal? apart from that, hope everything’s going well for your new boobs! Xxxx

    Lara 31

    i was the exact same, super flat pre op and came out looking mid pregnancy, especially when I sat down I felt no different to my dad with a beer belly except my tummy was hard and sore. it settled down by week 3, but still not back to normal. I’ve been taking dulcolax or senna at night, and fybogel with breakfast and dinner to keep my bowels moving with all the constipation from the opioids. I’ve also cut down on carbs which really helped with the bloat and am having lighter meals. Once the pain settles, you ease of the pain meds and start moving around more it gets a lot better

    Ashleigh 7

    I’m 2 weeks post op and still feeling pretty disgusting I’m so bloated my waist has almost merged with my hips. I’m actually starting to think maybe I gained weight? ??‍♀️ Xxx


    I’m 11 days post OP and still bloated !!!! Sooo glad I saw this post I look pregnant ?

    Amy 14

    Ladies how long does it take for the bloating to disappear???

    Amy 16

    It took me about 7-10 days (with the use of Sena!) although I have IBS so I knew it would be worse… xz

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