Post op day 1 Started by: Ella

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  • Ella

    I’ve notice a small hard lump round my belly button area and experiencing quite abit of pain in my stomach, not sure whether this would be linked with the constipation at all has anyone had similar symptoms or have any idea about this? X

    Tracy 35

    Hi Hun I’m not sure what that could be, but if your concerned I would contact your nurse, at least to get some advise and put your mind at rest x x x

    Samantha 7

    Sounds like you can feel your poo (sorry to be gross)….worth checking if you’re worried though. Sounds like typical constipation to me though x


    Thanks girls I think it is just constipation to be honest :/ body has obviously been though a lot and think I’m just sore and aching and working myself up, I’ll see how it is tomorrow and if no improvement il contact the nurse xxx

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