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    Just wondering if there is anyone else who isn’t 100% happy with their results. I went through with this procedure without telling anyone and now I’m just as self conscious with my absolutely tiny labia (basically completely gone). Emotionally I’m totally drained and can not afford another procedure to rebuild my labia. Just wondered if anyone else is in a similar position? Feel free to PM me.


    Hi, who did you have it with? X

    Emily Bignold -1

    Hi Lizzie….
    Sorry to hear you are feeling like this! Can I ask who did you procedure? was it discussed in the pre-op consultation how much was going to be removed?? I’m assuming it was your labia Minora?


    My surgeon was Dr Ibraheim!

    So sorry to hear that Michelle.

    I’m currently wishing I never went through with this procedure from this surgeon! 🙁 Feel like I’m never going to have self confidence!

    S 6

    Hi lizzie i was never fully happy with mine. I had tightening aswell and that has only slightly tightened. I did get back in touch with them but i really just couldnt be arsed it was like another 2 thousand. I wouldnt ever recomend surgery as our expectations are always so high and once its done it doesnt look like snything u expected xx

    hollie -1

    Hi! I’ve just recently had my surgery with Dr Sleiter, the labiaplasty i feel has gone well but i also had a hoodectomy and I feel like it sticks out more than it did before? Has anyone else had this ..

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