POST OP – they don’t look as big as I thought they would? Started by: Chloe Jade

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  • Chloe Jade 4

    Hi everyone! I had my op yesterday morning so am just recovering at home home! I had a quick look when I was rearranging the breast band and they don’t look big from the front at all? It doesn’t look like I’ve had anything done from the front, only when I turn to the side you can tell!

    I had 350cc HP duel (over and under, ) and I started as a 32b, so I thought they’d look bigger from the front view than they do. Can anyone relate to this?


    Rhianne 3

    Hiya!! I’m now 4 weeks post op and there’s been times I felt that way. With work clothes on and winter clothes I don’t notice much difference.
    But when I try something like a nice strappy dress I can really notice how different I look!
    Also.. I think one they settle properly and look more normal your outlook will be completely different. When they start to drop and shape from the front you should feel better about things. Mine are starting to change slowly now and when I actually look back at pictures of what I was like before I think maybe to me I could have gone bigger but compared to before I am so so much bigger now!
    Do a comparison and you will appreciate them so much more at this stage xxxx


    Hi! I had mine done yesterday and honestly under a top they look no different to when I’d wear a padded bra. I was 30B and had 350/375cc overs. Looking at my before and afters there’s obviously a difference, not as big as I’d expected admittedly. If they’re nowhere near what you’d expected then speak to your surgeon. I’ve seen a few girls have had revisions because they were really upset with the size xx

    Maria -1

    I had mine today and I can see what you mean! I expected to come out and they look much bigger!! Look ok front view I hope they don’t go down too much ?

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