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  • Louise 20

    Hi. I’m having my BA on the 26th and wondering about bio oil, arnica and any other things recommended to help with recovery. There are differing opinions online about using these before or after surgery…. Has anyone been advised by their surgeon?
    Also, any other tips for a speedy recovery are welcomed ??

    Becca 166

    I asked my nurse about both of these. She advised that I could take arnica tablets for one week prior to my surgery and for one week afterwards. She also advised to stop using bio oil four days prior to my surgery and to refrain from using it afterwards for at least six weeks. Incidentally, I didn’t actually end up using either, and I haven’t suffered from severe bruising, swelling or stretch marks (so far) . It’s all very much personal preference I think and depends on what you feel most comfortable doing.

    Monica 122

    Becca is right.
    I stopped taking any pills and vitamins 2 weeks prior the operation and Palmers cocoa oil I was using until 2 days before, massaging my breast and chest to avoid stretch marks.
    I was told not to use oil afterwards until around 6 weeks time.
    The only thing I’m having on me all the time now is an ice bag ☺️xx

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