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    Hello, was wondering how much people paid for a breast enlargement …I haven’t had my consultation yet, and a friend has recommended I try mya …..


    U can’t discuss pricing on here it’s against the forum rules. Bare in mind u may not have a straight forward ba u may need to stay overnight, have an uplift or decide on Teardrop implants. All of those things add up.

    I went in thinking I just needed a ba but had to have a mini uplift and stay overnight.

    Just call and get a consultation the pc will discuss with u then.

    There’s not much difference in the high street competitors tbh. It really comes down to ur preference for surgeon and of course budget. Just make sure u research the surgeons before and after images/reviews and see if u can find their personal site.

    Leigh -2

    Oooo can’t we oops! Yeah 3 people I no all went with a certain surgeon I’m defiantly going with mya! But going to book consultation I’m just trying to go in there with a clear way of how I want them but so confusing to explain haha thanks for your help xxx

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