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  • Jessica 5

    At my consultation I was told I couldn’t go bigger than 350cc with an uplift but was then offered 250 and 275 due to assymetry. No other sizes have been put on my notes so I need to go back for another consultation to go bigger. Has anyone had any problems requesting a bigger size implant? I’m worrying that they won’t allow me to. My surgeon is to be Dr Andrea. Any advice would be appreciated!

    Lauren 1

    I had a consultation yesterday with dr Andrea giannitrapani he told me I needed an uplift which I didn’t expect and that I couldn’t go over 350 cc I was hoping for 400-420 cc 🙁 did you have much luck?

    Jessica 5

    Sorry I’ve only just seen your message. Yes you can’t go any bigger than 350cc with an uplift as it can cause them to sag again. I was hoping for 350 anyway as I’m only 5’2 and a size 8 but then he put the smaller sizes on my notes :/ I have my next appointment with Dr Andrea on the 4th December so I will let you know then. What are your stats?

    Paulina 8

    Girls, surgeons want to recommend you sizes that will look best oossible to your chest size. Bare in mind that bigger you go, the more pressure your spine has. If you are as wide chested as I am, you may be recommended bigger size. Dr Giannitrapani, tild me I can go up to 425cc, but I personally prefer natural look, so I gone for 350 to start with. Every sugeon orders 3 sizes of implants anyway. All depends of what depth of a pocket your body will allow to be created. In case Dr Andrea wont be able to fit 350cc in, he will put 325cc in. You are also having last consultation with him before he ” draws” on you, so you can change your mind for 3rd option, like I changed my mind myself and will be asking for 375cc. Its all about what your body will allow them to do, so dont force it:)


    Hey I had my surgery done by Dr Andrea last month. The best decision I ever made. He offered me 275 in one and 300 in the other to even threm out. I was worried this wasn’t enough but I’m so glad I listened to him. His work is amazing I can hardly see the scarring already only 5 weeks down. Would defiantly recommend him he’s lovely and very very good at what he does. X

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