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  • Ali 25

    Hello girls!

    I was meant to have my long awaited op in August but had to postpone due an emergency operation on my leg, and I am FINALLY about to have my op done in December (19th), making it almost a year to the day since I first booked! Good things (hopefully) come to those that wait apparently!

    Anyway, if anyone can answer my questions I would really appreciate it!

    1) Does anyone have any idea what time admission is for an overnight case? I am imagining that it would be later in the day than for a day case?

    2) Where did people stay near to the clinic?

    3) Where did people park close to the clinic? And how did you go about avoiding the congestion charge (if you could leave before 6pm?)

    Thanks! I have a million more questions about being an overnight case, so if anyone else was one, please let me know! xx

    Imogen (@icrlm) 154

    Hey. My op is tomorrow, I’m a day case at Fitzroy 😀 Hopefully my answers will be of help to you.

    1) I don’t believe being a day / overnight case makes any difference to your admission time. Factors, such as, being allergic to latex would play a part in your admission time, as well as any health concerns.

    2) Fitzroy postcode is W1T 6AH. Nearest hotel is Holiday Inn which has an NCP underneath. Parking there is about £40 though! Other smaller hotels are available like The Fitzroy (I think that’a the name). Have a Google using the postcode for more recommendations.

    3) NCP under the Holiday Inn is not only expensive but it is not CCTV protected and someone’s boyfriends car was broken into when she was in the op. I’m parking in Euston Station which isn’t as expensive as NCP. It’s also 24hr manned and is outside of the congestion zone. It’s approx a 10min walk to Fitzroy. You can search on to find other places.

    If you want to know anything else just let me know 🙂 Xx

    Ali 25

    Thanks for your answers! Good luck tomorrow!
    I went with Ibis Euston in the end for hotel and parking. I will have to see whether I will be able to walk the 10 mins post op to the car…..but more likely I will just pay the congestion charge for the pick up! x


    Hi, I stayed at the Holiday inn, parked in the NCP it was a 5 minute walk….. But my partner came and picked me up in the car outside the Fitzroy.
    I was walked to the car by a Dr. It was dark and cold and last thing you feel like doing is walking too much xx


    I was overnight and had to be there for 12 o’clock, I didn’t have my op till 6.30 though. App most overnight stays is admission time for 12.

    Zoe 3

    I was a over night and over night is a later admission I’m afraid I was 3. Went down at 7. We parked st the Portland hospital they had a car park next to it cost £20 for the night it was a Friday to say so was more. My husband stayed at the Fitzroy hotel which was only £100 and was just round the corner next to the holiday inn. Was really nice.
    Yes your right good things come to those who wait Hun good luck xx

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