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    I have got my strapping on which pushes my implants quite close together. is this normal? I feel like today theu are even closer together and now I’m scared I gonna get uni boob where they become one boob. Ive been wearing my macom bra since I left the hospital and it is now day 2 post op and today the pain is worse.

    Chris 33

    If you’re really concerned you could take a photo & email it to a nurse 🙂
    It’s usually fine though, surgeons will strap you up considering these things. I wore strapping too and it is awful, bet you can’t way to get it off! The reason they look closer together is probably swelling.
    Day 2 is definitely more painful than day 1, day 1 you still have the anaesthetic in your system so you don’t really feel as much. Just to warn you, I found day 3 the most painful! But hang in there, take your meds & you’ll survive!
    One other thing about anaesthetic is it does cycle through your system for quite a long time, so for a couple weeks after you might get a sudden really tired feeling. It’ll pass 🙂

    All the best with your healing x


    I haven’t had my op yet (booked for 14th sept!!) so my opinion probably isn’t that helpful, but I have seen a few girls write on here that when they had their strapping on it felt like they were going to have uni boob as it was so tight but when it was removed they were fine… So I hope that helps reassure you a bit :). Good luck with the healing x


    Thanks for the replies girls 🙂 i feel a lot less worried now and think i pushed through the worst of the pain now as its now the end of day 3. I cant wait to get off the strapping so i can finally see them and it gets so tight at different times in the day. I’m so impatient the top of the strapping isnt sticky so i can take a little peak and feel the cleavage and that why i was getting worried cause they feel pushed together.

    Maxine 10

    Hi Chernelle I’m on day 5 and also have strapping, but I find using ice packs has really helped with the swelling. It’s difficult to see what they look like. I’m having the strapping off tomorrow and cannot wait, also I know it’s on for a good reason.
    I must say day 3 was the most uncomfortable, but today is the best I have felt 🙂 happy healing lovelies xx

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