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    Hi guys, I’m booked in for my reduction and uplift early may and just looking for a bit of advice/info on how you prepared, what did you buy to make life a bit easier.

    I’ve read on another thread about a v pillow and ice packs? Post op bras which are the best ones people are getting on with and this may sound like a stupid question but when buying do I go for the cup size bigger than what I have asked to go to due to swelling? Currently a 32E going to a 32C.

    I have my pre op next week so may be an opportunity to ask a couple more questions then.

    Any advice would be amazing as I’m a bit of a worrier and just want to be as prepared as can be. I’m booked in with Dr Tsekouras.

    Ffion Davies 34


    Macom bras are by far the best! They’ve got expandable cups so it’ll adapt to your swelling! All you do is choose the back size you are ?
    I did buy a v pillow but got fed up with it in the end! I just use normal pillows, much more comfortable! ?


    Thanks Ffion feeling so nervous and excited at the same time, its coming up so fast!

    Okay so I will probably leave the pillow as I have plenty at home anyway. If you don’t mind me asking how many bras did you end up buying in the end?


    You can buy 2 bras for £72 through mya which adapt to your size as it fluctuates. You just need to give them your back size and they’ll send the right size. I have bought the V shaped pillow and for £11 I would recommend it. I’m 2 days post op and find it’s helped me a lot, and if it doesn’t help you then it’s not that much money that you will have wasted. Don’t worry about the op too much, I have Dr Tsekouras and he’s been amazing. Buy some nice loose clothing to leave the hospital in, something that you can button up at the front and some shoes that you can easily put on.

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