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  • Sheena 1

    I’m booked in for my op on Tuesday (20th August). I’m having 300cc high profile unders. How was everyone’s experience with recovery and pain with unders? I’m looking to got back to work on light duties on Thursday 22nd ? would I cope on pain medication? Thanks

    Laura 7

    Hi, good luck with your surgery!
    Everyone is sooo different, I planned to take 2 days after my op off work but ended up taking an additional week off. Yet a girl on the same day as me was back in work after a couple of days. Everyone reacts different so just hard to say now long you would need xx

    Georgia 15

    I had 300cc under the muscle. I had mine last Saturday 10 August and if I’m been totally honest I was an absolute write off for 3-4 days. I was in agony I couldn’t move my arms, sit up, flush the toilet, pull my trousers up etc. I thought I could manage pain since I give birth without any pain relief but I cried for 3 days it was a different kind and very tight on your chest, I was in that much pain that I was saying if someone give me the chance to get them out I would have taken it to take the pay away. However once I was 5 days post op it started to get better and today I am 7 days post op and feel really good obviously still tight, and can’t move my arms as much but been out and about. I would not like to think I was going back to work 2 days after.

    It’s the best thing I’ve done and I am totally in love with them now the pain has gone ! Haha xx

    Lara 31

    I had 375cc UHP partial unders and was in a lot of pain afterwards for the first few days, which eased by day 7. I had to get my mum or dad to help me out of bed for the first 4 days. I took a lot of pain medication as I have a very low pain tolerance, I was given morphine, codeine and paracetamol to take home and used these regularly for a week and at week two, took tramadol, naproxen and paracetamol during the day and morphine at night. By 2 weeks I was on my feet but still couldn’t move my arms above my head or walk very fast as I’d get pain in my boobs from too much movement and it felt tight. Although I was totally flat as a pancake, like 32AA and very thin, so it was quite the muscle stretch with these implants. I went back to work after 3 weeks, as I work in the NHS which has a lot of walking, and driving by 3 and half weeks. I’m 3 and half weeks now and get the odd twinge here and there and my chest still has some tightness, I get pain in the muscle if I stoop over or lie flat and get up, but nothing compared to what it was. The swelling is also gone.

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