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    Hi, i’m looking at having possible rhinoplasty. I’ve seen peoples good reviews of Andrea Giannitrapani and want to look more into this. Does anyone have a rough estimate of prices? Also I’m worried about the front of my nose changing, I don’t really mind how it looks from the front, however my side profile its horrible. I just want a curve added and a little deprojection. Is this possible to do without largely altering how it looks from the front? I’m also nervous about how to swelling will look from the front as my nose is quite thin at the moment.

    Zara 3

    Hi Rachel… I’m in the same boat as you! Did you get a response or go any further with your surgery? x

    Natasha 2

    I was also worried about the same!! I didn’t really mind my front it was just the side I hated and dr Giannitrapani pointed out it was really thin on the bridge because of the hump so he would have to make it wider! It was hard to adjust when the cast came off but after about 3 days I loved it and although it is a drastic difference no one but the close people around me have noticed ! Feel free to follow my Instagram page I made for my rhinoplasty @rhino.2018.xx

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