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    I’m sorry I’m sure you must get this all the time but I’m just after some advice, after years of deliberating I’ve made the decision to go ahead with breast enlargement. I have a few questions if anyone could help

    I’ve started researching but it’s harder than I thought, I’m from the North west so probably go to Manchester or Preston clinics wondering others experiences?

    1)Who are recommended surgeons with MYA in the North West?

    2). What are people’s experiences with MYA? Been looking at them and a few other clinics unsure where to go for consultations

    3) How did you all decide on shape/size and what is the price range in others experiences, I’m currently a 30A hoping to go to about a C (or thereabouts with suitable cc)

    4) Any other advice?

    Thank you so much and sorry for rambling, it’s so overwhelming I’m unsure where to start! X

    Andrea -1

    Also has anyone had nipple piercings do you have to get rid?

    Rhianne 3

    Hiya! I had this same dilemma only a month or two ago. I thought it was going to be such a straight forward decision for me but it was far from it.
    At MYA your patient co-ordinator will recommend a surgeon to you. They all have different qualities and strengths!
    I have my surgery 13th November and my surgeon is Mr Mahdi. He was lovely, made me feel so at ease and his work that I’ve seen looks great. However, even if you see one surgeon, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a consultation with another one to see what you prefer.
    I think MYA are the most expensive at £5495, however for me it was pretty much down to being able to see various peoples stories and pictures with journeys. I didn’t find that with any other cosmetic surgery group. Instagram has a massive amount of girls that have a private MYA profile and you can see their whole journey on there and can ask them questions.
    As for size….. this was and still is a decision that’s hard for me. I’ve spoken to a lot of girls about this. I myself am a 32A at the moment and I want to have boobs that I feel I’ve got what I wanted and my money’s worth, but on the other hand I don’t want to come out and think they are far too big!!!
    I’m in the mind set at the moment I want 325CC, and when I tried them I just thought it was perfect. However, I have signed a form with Mr Mahdi to say that if he feels the size I choose is too big he will change it to what he thinks looks suitable for my body, and I’m happy with that. He knows best!
    Advice I would give is go for a consultation and just have a general chat about it, also have a look on Instagram and add some of the girls to see their journey as this is what has probably helped me the most.

    Hope this helps XO


    I had both nipples done prior to my op and was advised to take them out 4 weeks before so they were healed and less risk of infection. I asked about keeping them in but I did not get the option but I think some surgeons don’t mind it you just need to sign a form before surgery stating you know the risks of keeping them in and take full responsibility x

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