Rest? 1 day post op. Started by: Joanne Parkinson

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    Hello I had my surgery yesterday and want to know is it best to rest or to try and be active? Like a gentle walk? Getting a bad back from being in bed. Any thoughts please. X


    Hey Hun I had mine on Friday and I’m the same ! I can’t lay in bed, my back is killing and just feel lazy and horrible I’ve been for a ten minute walk this morning and feel better for it, I think we are suppose to rest but I’m sure a little walk won’t harm you it’s more not lifting and using your arms and chest muscles we need to avoid like house work ! Another thing driving me mad haha all worth it though in the long run xx happy healing xx


    Thank you. Feel I need to stretch and lift my arms. Miss movement ha. Hope all goes well Xx


    Hi the first two days I just stayed at home on setti or in garden or walked around the house. I done my arm exercises quite often throughout the day. I went fir walks from day 3 but I just relaxed the first week which is very very hard expec with two babies but I think it has really helped my recovery, scars have healed amazing x

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