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    I had a rhinoplasty with dr gonschoir around 2 years ago, it was perfect for a month then it seemed to swell and never reduced in size again, i went back to dr gonschior around 4 times to complain he explained it was scar tissue and to come back in a year, he did give me kenalog injections which didnt help atall and then he left the clinic. I have been left fighting for a follow up appointment for a year and MYA have disregarded my case completely. After fighting for over a year i finally have a follow up appointment with dr Giannitrpani who i have heard nothing but good things about but im petrified he will say he cant do anything for scar tissue or revision surgery. Has anyone ever had scar tissue after a rhinoplasty or and revision surgery for a rhinoplasty? Any advice regarding this would be amazing. X


    Im looking into revision rhinoplasty too. I had mine with dr farti at the bridge water hospital in december 2014 but i went privately, do you think i can get revision done via MYA :-/ im from the west yorkshire area does anyone know where the nearest rhinoplasty surgeons are and who would be best to go with?


    Hi girls,
    My appointment is on 29th Jan so i will keep you both updated. Mine is due to scar tissue forming during healing though rather than me just not liking the shape so i have no idea if it will be a different situation or not, they might not be able to help me at all 🙁 im so worried because i cant live with my nose like this i was happier before surgery. Do either of you have pictures of your nose before / after? Xx



    Has anyone had a revision done?
    I had a close rhino with dr gonschoir in Dec 2014 but he did not do what I asked and only did 1 thing.
    I was/am disappointed but could not afford to have it re-done.
    I saw the potential free revision and I went to see a nurse on Sat 30th Sep and has forwarded my request to the surgeons and said I will get an update today…
    My tip wa not rounded off, my scarring tissue inside my right nostril has expanded so much I hve no room to breath, I get nose bleeds, my nose is wonky also.
    Anyone have any information about successful revisions?


    Hey girls – old thread however did anyone have a revised op?? X

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