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    I’m SO sad. After about the 6month mark my lovely 450cc under the muscle implants started sagging so bad. It’s as if the skin has just literally sagged over them. I absolutely hate my boobs now and looking at them makes me cry. I’ve been back to see Dr Mounir who originally did my boobs and another surgeon at MYA and both have said I need an uplift with smaller implants :’( I’m terrified of the scarring and I don’t want to go smaller whatsoever, if anything I want to be BIGGER. My implants now just about match my body size since I’m around a 10-12. I’m worried if I go smaller I’ll hate them even more than I do now and will be back out of proportion like before I even had them done. I’m not sure why I can’t just get bigger implants put in to fill the skin. Any pics or advice is welcome! Maybe around the 350 mark but not sure how small I’d have to go 🙁

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    Did they say how this has happened? I had an uplift and 275hp overs 20 days ago and the scars aren’t too bad so far but I had horrible boobs before can understand why you’re gutted when they were looking so good! X

    Lou x 8

    This is called ‘waterfall’ – it occurs when the surgeon puts an implant that is too big in and the skin sags over it xx


    Hi how did it go? Have you had revision and what decision did you make. Was revision free!?

    Lindsey 5

    Hi! I had my boobs done over a year ago now and I’ve had a similar issue. I have put on weight so mine have grown and dropped, I wanted to go bigger but I’ve been advised not to. Hoping they don’t look any smaller than they do! Getting my revision in June x


    I have this issue but it was like it from the beginning. I have my revision in April x


    Which surgeon did you have ? Xx

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