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    The day my cast was taken off I got quite a few funny looks because I still had a lot of bruising under my eyes. After two weeks of staying at home I was very happy to be able to go out with no cast on my face, so I went shopping. A female shop assistant asked me what had happened to my eyes, and another young male shop assistant said: “Lots of partying last night, ah?” I calmly said, “No, just cosmetic surgery” and he asked what I had had done. When I told him, he said, “Well, your nose looks really nice, it was a bit wonky before, wasn’t it? It looks really straight now.” He made me laugh all the way home!

    Then we went on holiday and I wasn’t really worried about the bruising as nobody knew me. A week later, when my bruising was fully gone, two friends saw me but neither said anything. I caught them looking at me a couple of times, but I didn’t say anything either.

    A few days later, my sixteen-year-old son came back from holiday. He didn’t know I was planning to have rhinoplasty, so I was worried about his reaction. The difference in my profile is huge now – my nose was long and pointed downwards and had a huge bump. I met him at the airport, he said nothing; went home, he said nothing. After about 12 hours, I asked him whether he could notice any difference in my appearance. He looked at me and said: “I don’t know, have you had a haircut?” I hadn’t. I could not believe it! then I told him to look closer, and after examining me with more attention, he said: “Have you had something done to your face?” Literally I had to point at my profile and he gasped: “Wow, you look different! Now I have to get used to looking at your new nose!” And this after a whole day of not noticing!

    Yesterday I went back to work. Contrary to my initial fear, nobody actually pointed at my face saying, “Ha, you’ve had a nose job!” In fact, nobody noticed that I had had rhinoplasty.

    What actually happened, was this – I got lots of complements about a wide range of other stuff, some very weird and wonderful too:

    •My new hairstyle, which apparently suits me. Perhaps it does, it’s the first time in my post pre-pubescent life that I cut my hair that short and with a fringe at that.

    •“You look younger, it’s your hairstyle, isn’t it?”

    •“You’ve lost weight again, haven’t you?” No, I haven’t, but fair play, I did lose a massive amount of weight a couple of years ago, so people feel they have to reassure me.

    •“Are you pregnant? You look blooming” (??????!!!!) Unfortunately I’m not.

    •“You look stunning, it’s the new hair, but also, something else, I can’t put my finger on it, but there is something else.”

    Once I had given a helping hand to my close friends by asking them to guess what is changed about me, they came up with a whole selection of other options:

    •“You’ve had a face lift!”

    •“You’ve had a brow lift!”

    •“You’ve had some sort of injections to your face!”

    •“You had your teeth fixed!”

    •“You’ve had your lips done!”

    •“You’ve had a breast reduction!”

    •“You’ve had a breast enlargement!” (???????)

    I couldn’t believe people really don’t notice straight away… which poses the following series of questions:

    •Was it worth it if nobody noticed?

    •Was my original nose actually that bad, or was it just me obsessing about it?

    •Do my friends really think I need a facelift, etc?

    The answer for me is:

    Yes, it was worth it 100% over. It makes me feel good (and “blooming!”), I look normal and myself, just an improved version, and it is something I’ve always wanted done.

    I guess when the penny drops (or those I actually told , because nobody got it right, tell others) I’ll get asked about it. And then I’ll cross that bridge!


    Loved reading this.xxx


    Scully this makes me feel soo happy and you are right its definatly worth it even if people dont notice the difference!!..its about uu and how uu feel about ur self..after taking the stiches out yesterday ma family loove what they can see of my nose and now they all wanna do their noses!!..i really cant wait to take the whole cast off on tuesday ma nose is sooo itchy and i can feel my nose pulsating under there!!..i think i still have some swelling under the cast so we gunna have to wait and cc how it will turn out..keep us updated scully ur stories are animated and fun to read!! Bless uu xx


    Scully you’re bloomin (haha) hilarious! I absolutely laughed out loud when I read this. It is totally about how you feel about yourself, and we, ( the big nose brigade) totally get that… I can still hear the taunts now…” Big nose fat nose skinny nose” yes the horrid girls at my secondary school made up a song for my nose but what does that song even mean… it makes no sense!!! Morons….

    I’m not bitter though, well maybe a bit ;) Keep em comin Scully, you are sooo funny, and I believe you, nobody is going to notice my nose, but I’ll know x


    I liked the cross that ‘bridge!’ bit at the end!!! Well done xx


    Ahh Scully, good work misses!! i’m the same, no-one has noticed, but I know and it shows in my confidence!! Sooooooo glad I got it done!xxx


    So glad your happy hun, all that worrying totally worth it isnt it !!

    :) xx


    Well your proof of that ladies…all that worrying totally unfounded..hehe xx

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