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    Hi! My nose isnt too bad I dont think but its quite bulbous and never looks good in photos. Its quite round and my nostrils flare a bit. I love how it looks slimmer with a snapchat filter so I’ve decided to take the plunge! The only thing is I’m preggers at the mo so theres no point in goin for a consultation yet. I want to start saving so would like a rough goal.. 3k? 4k? More? I also want my boobs done when i know I wont have any more kids. Would it work out cheaper to have my nose and boobs done at the same time? I feel guilty about spending this much money on myself..even though I work hard for it! I figure if I save it up then we’re defo not gonna miss it and it wont affect us for months to follow. I’ll attach some pics tell me what u think I need.. i think just tip work.

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