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    Hi girls,

    This forums great and helpful.
    I was advised by the surgeon to have round hp, but wanted a natural look and when I saw the nurse she suggested teardrop….. I’m having another appt with the surgeon but am booked in two weeks times for surgery!

    Any advice on the difference of these two implants? And how to make a choice.
    I was told the rounds can last a life time, but teardrops have to be replaced every 10 years???

    Bassett28 120

    I have teardrops – they last the same amount of time as rounds. My surgeon does a lot of teardrops and that’s what I wanted anyway so never really considered round. The life cycle of implants depends on the person I.e it’s pot luck, some people might need a replacement in 10 others don’t! So don’t worry about that. There isn’t much difference really between round and teardrop – I’d struggle to tell the 2 apart in a line up of boobs! So my advice is to listen to your surgeon – if u want natural then your surgeon will advise accordingly. You can take a look at my pics on my profile. X


    I also have teardrops, I’m only 10’days post op but there’s a few pics on my profile if you want to look x

    Kayla 26

    I have round HP .. I don’t think they look too fake, think it depends where u have them placed over/under x

    Imogen (@icrlm) 154

    Hey. I’ve done loads of research on the two for myself and here is what I’ve found:
    • More natural in appearance when laid down
    • One size fits all
    • Provides more upper breast pole
    This will suit:
    • Young women (early 20’s) with firm breast tissue
    • Women who desire a rounded breast shape, with a rounded upper breast curve

    Teardrop (anatomical):
    • Thicker silicone resulting in firmer feel
    • 1% of implants can flip within two weeks and corrective surgery is required to fix
    • Cost more than round
    • Incision can be larger
    • Have the lowest complication rate of any shape of implant, including CC, migration, shell failure
    • Among implants with corresponding width, anatomical implants will be approximately 20% lighter than round implants of the same base width
    • Choose a surgeon who has lots of experience with this implant.
    This will suit:
    • Women who desire a proportionate and natural-looking breast augmentation
    • Women who are slim, or have modest breast tissue
    • Women who have breastfed
    • Women with breast asymmetries
    • Women who desires a breast-lift simultaneously with their augmentation

    Either type will suit:
    • Women with plenty of glandular breast tissue, who desire more volume

    Anatomical breast implants allow for a fully customised and aesthetically pleasing solution for enhancing both breast shape and volume. Being an advanced tool for providing natural-looking, three dimensional breast augmentation, the implants solve common aesthetic concerns and specialised aesthetic requirements equally well. At the same time anatomical implants provide the best long-term performance of any implant.



    Thank you, that’s great to read girls xxxx

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