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  • Louise 20

    My last post at 7 days I was in sooooo much pain and had a horrible excruciating ripping pain every time I moved – on top of the muscle pain that I’d expected. Turns out it was the large plaster dressing under the boobs to protect the stitching.
    I finally got to have it taken off yesterday and it felt so good ?.
    The scar is healing really well (that’s the purply messy bit at the bottom of the pic) but above it you can see a long red line of blood spots which is where the plaster was tearing the skin.
    Feel so much better since having them off ?.

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    SophieJB 4

    Hey Louise! That scar is looking really good!

    By any chance did you have Traynor as your surgeon? I did and I had that band too, the amount of pain that band caused me!! Was so relieved when I got it off.

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