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    Hi All,

    I am in the porcess of deciding what to do with the saggy empty boobies I have since having a baby. A few of my friends have had breast implants but it was a good few years ago & they have quite noticable scaring. An other friend had her done in Poland only a a couple of months ago & her’s look amazing and even after a couple of weeks the scars were really small & not really noticable at all. Now I don’t fancy going to Poland to get them done but was wondering if any of you could advise what the scars tend to be like now as I’m wondering if it is because techniques have improved over the years. Any advise would be a big help.

    Thanks Lynz


    the surgeons have moved on so much in recent years hun, and most of them do really neat scars, plus it helps them along by using bio oil on them. i had an uplift a couple of wks ago, and already the scarring is looking better :clap:


    i had 410 unders 8 weeks ago, and even from the first few weeks my scars were so small and really good!! so impressed as i was slightly worried as to how the scars would look. my surgeon was Marionn Grob who did an excellent job. I always think a female surgeon stiches up better as they have more nimble fingers!! i have been using bio oil and i feelmy scars will fade so much so quicklythat soon wont be visible at all. scarring is the least of your worries a boob op feel like you,ve been kicked in the chest by a horse plus having grape fruit inserted in you!! strangely tho it doesnt hurt that much!!!! truely go for it.. best thing i have ever done!!

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