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    I would like to find out about the scarring across the bottom of your nose after open rhino, when does it start becoming unoticable as I am concerned people will notice. Are they disolvable? Also when can you start to apply foundation/makeup to your nose? The reason is I dont think I can hide too long from everyone after my surgery :-(

    Many Thanks to everyone for being so helpful :-)


    The scars are so tiny no one will notice unless you point it out to them,in which case you would have to put your head back so that they can look under your nose,my scars are not visible and Im only 8 weeks post op,I had open septo rhino,so some of my stitches were dissolvable some have to be removed at week one,the dissolvable ones can take up to 6 months,mine are inside my nose so not visible.I was 6 weeks post op before I put makeup on my nose,and even then I just brushed over it very gently with minerals make up on a brush.I don’t wear makeup everyday so it was not a problem for me.You will probably find that people will notice something different about you,but they wont know what it is,they don’t tend to see what we see when we look in the mirror,they just see you.Just as you will be aware of the swelling but no one else will.hope this

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    Thanks Tina, that’s so reassuring. When I go to the office I wear make up (confidence thing). I hope that after my op I wont feel the need to plaster myself up so much as I would love my new nose! x

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