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    Hi guys, my first post.

    I am finally going to get my nose sorted out, I am going to have setorhinoplasty. I have had my consultation with the surgeon in the London centre and now it’s a matter of getting a date. I have put this on hold for a few reasons linked to work and money.

    I am thinking of getting surgery at the end of July/early August. I was wondering when is best to book for the date? I have the money for the deposit now but haven’t applied for finance yet (not getting it from Mya, the APR is far too high). When is it best to apply for finance and get pay my deposit? The reason I ask because I haven’t applied for finance yet and may get rejected, never applied for a loan before but I think my credit history is OK because I’ve never been into trouble financially and my monthly income is quite good. I don’t want to apply for finance now and having to start paying for the loan despite not even paying for the operation as it won’t be until the end of July/August. The loan companies I am looking at do a 2/3 month breathing period (Sainsbury’s and Tesco), where interest is applied but you don’t have to start repaying. If I were to do that I’d have to apply end of April, early May. Probably this is the best time. Also I don’t want to pay my deposit and not able to get finance and I subsequently end up losing my deposit.

    I hope my ramblings make sense and someone can just help me clarify what I am doing.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Are you sure u loose the deposit . . try see if u can secure your op date with the option that if they decline the loan u get a refund . .if it’s not left 2 late. . surely they have to help in this situation . .the op slot will be filled quickly ,I’m sure ….I booked( due work) with a 2 month wait , the slots really do get booked up quickly and once yr mind is made up , the waiting is hard, so bear that in mind when thinking about future date . . good luck .

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    I was told you get the deposit back if you don’t go ahead, or you can leave it with them and use it towards an op in afew years time… also MYA do 0% finance loans… I did that, paid half from my savings and have 2 years of £93 payments :)

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    personally id get the loan first as i booked the op and didnt have the loan it was so stressfull. but you do get your money back or they just simply move your op forward each time

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