Severe pain at/underneath incision-advice please Started by: Laura Fleming

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    Hi everyone,I am nearly 6 weeks post op and today I’ve woken up with a piercing pain at my incision. If I press the breast at the bottom or the incision then it hurts. As I’m sat here now it stings like mad. The breast looks normal,no different to the other. I’m hoping it’s just normal nerve damage? It feels very much like the pain when I first had the op done when the pain relief wore off. Anyone else experienced it. Suppose I’m after reassurance n that it’s not going to last much longer. Thanks xx

    Fionajsd 131

    I’ve had the very same thing last night and I’m 11 weeks post op , it’s in my boob that’s got more nerve damage so I’m hoping its a good sign x


    Hi Fiona,it’s reassuring that you’ve felt the same,even tho we are both in pain if that makes sense!!xx

    Francesca -1

    Hey hun, a lot of the time a sharp stabbing pain is the skin healing back together and the nerves coming back together. If it still continues it may be worth a trip to your GP but it could be something simple as you’ve lifted your arm too much and made the muscles sore xx


    ive heard you can get zingers months after having ba done, i get the same feeling now im 11 days post op but id ring the nurses at mya they are always there to help xxx

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