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    Hey girls
    I’m roughly six weeks post op and most of the swellings gone down. I was so nervous about going into work as I feel my new nose looks so different but the weird thing is that absolutely nobody has noticed! At first I thought it was a bit of a relief as I was keeping it on the low from work people and some family members etc but now I’m beginning to wonder if there is actually much of a change after my surgery!! Now feeling that the huge change is actually all in my head and that actually there’s not much difference to before. Has anyone else felt like this? X

    Amy 19

    hun, not many people noticed mine, only reason they knew was cos i plastered it all over facebook cos i was so happy haha!! but everyone kept saying to me ‘it looks no different’, then i show them my before and after photo next to eachother and they’re like wow its amazing! its probably because people don’t tend to look at your nose, i think thats the case 🙂 i thought people used to stare at it but infact they never did (well so they say haha) but don’t forget too, you will still have swelling for a couple of months, they told me that one day i could wake up and it’ll look bigger than the day before then the next day it’ll be less swollen again 🙂 give it more time to settle down 🙂 i think it looks fab and there is a difference, it’s not just in your head, it looks amazing 🙂 xxx

    Lucy-lou 3

    @iamamy Yes same it’s so weird isn’t it!! I think so many people just don’t notice noses whilst for us it’s just such a big deal haha! Just had a look at your final results in your new pics your nose looks so good! You must be so pleased!! X


    Lucy-lou can we see some pics please??who did you have your op with in the end!?

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