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  • Kirsty 1

    Hey Guys, booked my Surgury today and not going to lie I’m so scared. My PA is Hannah who I love and my surgeon is Mr Marcellino… Who is the cutest. Surgury is booked for the 1st August I’m just now debating size and whether to have tear drop or round. I’ve been recommended 250cc, I’m a 28 B want to be a full B or C cup. Worried this is going to look too big. I like having small boobs just want them fuller. I do a lot of sport so can’t have them getting in the way. Lol. Any advise? Would love to have tear drop but apart rely they are harder to maintain and I would have to have them redone in the future.


    Any one here had a small boob job?

    Kirsty xxx

    Donna -1

    Hi Kirsty
    Just wondering how you op went ? I’m booked in 21st Aug for 275cc but I’m worried they will look too big. Same as you I don’t want a very obvious change and want as natural as possible. Surgeon suggested bigger but I declined them!
    Hope you don’t mind me connecting? Xx

    Lally 1

    Hi both

    I’m booked in for 2 weeks time and also want natural looking. Would love to know how you got on


    Kirsty 1

    Hey Donna,

    I had my surgery on the 1st so its been 5 weeks now. they are still a bit swolen so i can’t tell really yet. But i wished i got the Mods coz I’m sure they have my high profile but i asked for mods. Think they post out too much of you know what i mean. They keep telling me to wait. But I’m so impatient. I hd Tear drop though. let me know how it goes x

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