SMALLER IMPLANT GIRLS – scared the size I’ve decided may be too big! Started by: AbigailMS

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    Hi girls!
    Im 5’1, 55kg, currently a 32b. Im so scared of going too big as I like having smaller boobs but mine just seem to lack volume.
    Im into weightlifting so my surgeon suggested overs (which I believe can look bigger than unders?) and I have been offered either 225/250cc or 250/275cc.
    I’ve attached a pic of my current boobs and I’m just wondering if anyone with similar stats to me have had similar and if I can see some before and after pics?!
    Thanks so much 😁

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    AbigailMS 1

    Oh I’m not sure why my picture didn’t work.

    lili_35 2

    I don’t have before/after pictures, and I didnt do overs but I thought my reply might be a help to choose the correct size.
    I did 320cc under muscle 10 days ago and I wish i went bigger. Like yourself I was so worried about the size and result being too big that I didnt think, even for a second, that they might actually end up smaller than what I want!!! Im same weight as you but taller (5.5), and I was 34a-maybe b, and so far I have tried some CK bras size:34c and they are loose so Im not even c!! I was hoping to get to size c with no pad, push-up, etc but I’m so gutted that I still need to use these tricks to get to my desired size 🙁


    Hey I’m a very similar size to you and also weight lifting. I was a 32A prior to surgery and had 250hp. overs and I’m wearing a 32c now but they look smaller more like a B
    I’m having a revision in November as I’m really unhappy with the size and still having to wear ultra padded bras
    I think it’s just quite rare that girls wish they went smaller: maybe worth having another chat with your surgeon before making your final decision xx

    AbigailMS 1

    Oh thanks so much for your help girls. I was so set on 225/250 but I’m having second thoughts now. I hope you both grow to love your new boobies! 🙁 x

    Charlotte 14

    Hi there! i’m flatter chested than you but also hoping to have 225/250cc and i really don’t want to go any bigger, i’d rather be too small than too big any day. I know everyone says go bigger, they do to me too but i’m sure i’ll be happy with what me and my surgeon have chosen. got to go with your gut xx

    AbigailMS 1

    Yay it’s nice to find someone else who would rather have too small than too big too!!
    Did you agree on 225/250?
    When’s your surgery?!
    Mines in November Im so nervous x

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