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  • Gina 8

    Hi everyone, I’ve been a bit of a ghost on the forum but done plenty of the stalking to prepare myself. I had my op last Tuesday, I had 250cc hp and I’m pretty sure they went partials. I know they have a long way to go but I’m so pleased already! I’m 5ft4 and 9st7 ish. I noticed a lot of girls who had the same sort of implant were a lot slimmer than me so I was a bit worried they’d be too small, but they’re looking a perfect size for me. 100% trust my surgeon! 1st photo is pre op and 2nd is today!

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    Thank you so much for this post.
    I’ve been given a 325cc to reach for a D cup. I don’t want to be any bigger than a D and every time I look at others who have had 325 they seem to be ending with a E cup and just look huge to me. I’m going back to my surgeon and going to ask for around the 250cc for a C cup. But felt that only petite girls where offered this.

    Thanks again for this post it feels like its made my mind up!

    Gina 8

    @beckymay no problem!! Ms lutz told me it should take me up about 3 cup sizes and I was measuring about a 32B, no matter what size they turn out to be the just fit my frame wonderfully! Glad to be of help ☺️

    Laura 13

    oh wow interesting. I’m 2 inches shorter than you but weigh the same. I have 34B and I want to get to a D/DD. 385cc, mod, partials was my recommended but I’m worried they’re too big – although I have heard Netri makes good estimations and is a trusted surgeon. I think maybe because I am quite broad I could get away with it… my breasts are quite wide if you get what I mean. Yours are looking so fab already! Happy recovery.

    Rachel 15

    I’m having my op in Jan with Ms Lutz and keep stressing what she’s booked me to have is too small. I’m 5’4-5’5 and a size 8 top, size 8-10 bottom. I currently wear a 34b. I should wear a 32 band but I hate bras feeling tight lol. She’s agreed 350cc high profile overs but I have been warned about risks of rippling. I want to go DD+ at least. Using your theory of what she said to you, I should get that though do you think? xx

    Gina 8

    @racheljessica88 I felt the exact same, I’m a horse rider so I naturally have larger thighs and that so I needed a decent size to balance me out but what the nurse had to remind me is implants look different on anyone even on similar stats and she wouldn’t suggest a size that wouldn’t look right. I wanted at least 300 but she stopped me at 250 due to risk of stretch marks. I think 350 will get you there easily though x

    Eileen 12

    Hi Gina they look fab, I’m similar to you I had 295 unders 3wks ago I’m 5ft 4 and weigh 8.7 I was suppose to have 325 but changed my mind as a lot of peoples on here looked big and I wanted to look as natural as possible, mine really suit my size but like you say it’s a lot of smaller people who go for these sizes but I’m still wearing a size 32 D post op bra, hope all goes well in your recovery xx

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