so upset and embarresed Started by: Amber

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  • Amber 12

    cant sleep.. cant remember the last time I slept.
    I feel hideous
    my boobs are disgusting
    my nipples are horrible
    don’t want my husband to see me naked or touch them
    cant even have sex because im so self conscious
    waiting for this re op its almost been a year of this hell
    and I so want everything to be beautiful
    ive wanted nice boobs since I was 15 and after hard saving I finally have this opputunity and it just went wrong.
    the left boob can be so painful sometimes.

    I just feel so low about it all.

    I keep expressing my concerns but I feel there not being fully heard.

    I don’t understand why these things happen to me.
    my middle name should be unlucky

    Megan 12

    Can I ask what happened? Infection? What have mya said about it??? Do you have pics? I’m sure it’s not as bad as you think hun! I’m getting more nervous cause I’m in on the 28th and all I keep seeing now is bad experiences!

    Jodie 16

    What’s happened? X

    Amber 12

    mya have been good so far im still in the process of getting the surgeon to understand fully my concerns.
    its just typical for me to get everything that could possibly go wrong happen.
    I have bad rippling capsular contracture and extremely odd areolas one has stretched just over double th esize of the other.

    my confidence is at a all time low and this re op is taking so long 🙁


    Feeling the same as you hun! Gutted! X

    Georgina 18

    If it’s any help I’ve just had a look at your pics and in my opinion they look really good.. Especially With the capsular contracture.. I completely understand what your saying and how you must feel but just thought I’d let you know a different opinion that I still think they look great as I know how hard it can be when your constantly thinking and hating something! I know it’s easier said than done but Try not to feel so low your boobs look fantastic still I definately wouldn’t be losing my confidence if I looked like you! As you said MYA are great sure they will help you out with what you need, hope you can get some positives from all this hun xx

    salwa 22

    Don’t mind if I add you hun? Who did the op x

    Jade 11

    Megan don’t let it put you off honestly I had my opp yesterday and had a good experience feel free to ask my any questions x

    Kipcy 1

    Sorry to hear you’ve had such an unfortunate experience so far…but if it hasn’t put you off MYA then at least you know you’re in good hands! Don’t worry, be happy I’m sure everything will be just fine:) x

    Lisalili 115

    @mitchella I’m so sorry that this is causing you so much stress hun, but you need to try to stay positive, im sure Mya will sort all of this out and everything will be ok and you will be feeling great in no time. Keep ya chin up xx

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