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    I was in a 32 d(not filling it out though) surgeon said my breast tissue is s b cup. I was told u would be a 32dd/32e. I’ve had round smooth moderate plus. 325cc. I’m 11 days post op and every day the swelling goes down I get more upset. I don’t understand why my surgeon didn’t try the 350cc. I wanted a natural look but my new boobs are basically what I had pre children . You can not tell at all when I wear clothing. I’m 5,9 and have broad shoulders. I think focused too much on how I would recover with kids and not enough on how big I wanted them. What should I do? If the surgeon said he would re op tomorrow id get it done straight away!

    Lauren 9

    I had 350cc and mod + and 5 weeks po tomorrow and they have dropped and look better. That said I wish I had gone HP although I wasn’t offered it due to my frame
    Give it time xx

    Rebekah 174

    325cc isn’t a big implant unfortunately , I had 365 the first time and got them replaced with 450cc and they are a good size not massive either xx

    Bryony 13

    Please don’t be upset, you’ve still got a long way to go and I think everyone feels like you when the swelling subsided because you get so used to being inflated! I had implants to fill out my post (3) baby boobs and they aren’t massive, they aren’t high on my chest and they don’t look ‘fake’ but I’m over the moon because they are so much better Han what I had before. I can still ‘dress them up’ with a push up bra but they aren’t so big that they are in the way. Your surgeon will have given you the right implants for your body so trust them and hang in there! You’ve had a major operation and its normal to feel up and down so give yourself a break, it doesn’t sound like you had much opportunity to recover with kids so be kind to yourself and your body xxx


    Hi I’ve since spoken to my surgeon. He’s obviously happy with how they are but was really understanding when I told him how I felt. He’s given me 3 weeks to think about it but said if I’m still not happy he will change them and has recommended at least 100cc increase to see a size difference on me. I was already thinking 400cc as my min. I’m not as upset now just mad at myself. They was never big enough even durin the initial swelling. Now 15po they are lovely small boobs on me but I can’t fill out my cloths. So I’m pretty sure I’ll be replacing. I just hope recovery is quick 2nd time ?

    Katie 2

    Did you end up having revision to make them bigger?

    Alex 17

    Did you have to pay for your revision ?

    Katie 8

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    Please let me know if you ended up getting revision and if you had to pay!!!! I’m so upset with my size now I want them re done also

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