Soooo Happy Started by: Rebecca

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  • Rebecca 13

    I know so many of us girls worry that when we have our boobs done, we might get stretch marks.
    I started to get 2 on one side and they have gone :D.
    So happy…. I didn’t use anything pre op, i literally started using the cream 1wpo and it is amazing!

    No need to worry about getting stretch marks anymore. YAYYYY

    Nikki 11

    Ooo which cream? I had mine yesterday and they don’t feel too tight atm but I know as they drop the skin stretches again xxxx

    Sarah 6

    What cream did u uses please?? Xx

    Rebecca 13

    Hey Sarah, I hope you are well! I used a baobab cream which helps to keep your skin smooth and soft aswell as moisturised without the greasy effect on your clothes. I’ve added you as a friend so I can give you a bit more info on the cream.
    How did your consultation go with mr Jallali ? Xxx

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