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    I know my stitches are supposed to be disolvable but I’m 5 weeks post op and I stil have stitches that won’t go. I have added some pictures but shouldn’t they gave gone by now anyone else had a similar problem ? I have my 6 week post op with nurse on 2 jan


    I’m only 1 week and 3 days po so I can’t really help but I also got told mine will dissolve . I don’t know if this is different as its a completely different place but free I had a baby my stitches took about 6 weeks to dissolve . But I’d mention it when you go back xx

    Francesca -1

    when i had my appendix out a few of mine had to be taken out as they wouldn’t go on their own xx


    Hello I’m not in until 16th Feb – can u let me know what the aftercare is like as I’m worried having read your bit about the stitches ?

    ducky01 4

    Hey hun not to worry I had a couple of stitches coming out at 4 months p.o, at that stage I was told to trim them & massage a fragrance free moisturiser into them but I would just leave them be hun, probs where they were doubled up, they’ll go 🙂 xx

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