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  • Daniella 21

    Hi girls. Having my BA on Thursday. I already have very faint stretch marks from weight loss on my boobs. Just wondering if the implants will make these look worse?? And if anyone has a particular oil/cream they used to help prevent stretch marks x

    Monica 122

    Hi Daniela.
    Before the surgery I was using Palmers Coconut oil to massage my breast. Can’t wait to be back to it after 6 weeks post op.
    I had very few small stretch marks on my breast too and thb it’s all gone now. Implants improved the state by stretching the skin and I hope it’s going to stay like that without any new ones xx

    Courtney 5

    Heyyy, I got quite a few stretch marks after my BA, but I’ve been using palmers coco butter and it’s sooo good! They have reduced the colour of them already! Goodluck for your op! X


    Yeah, I am using Trilastin cream. I start using it before 2 months ago, after my delivery, for me its a quite good cream so far, in fact, I see a huge difference before and after using this cream and its not too much costly for me because I bought it from TriLASTIN Coupon code at Reecoupons, and it’s really very affordable for me.

    Barbara 49

    Hi, Ive got stretch marks since I was like 14, I noticed them before but they weren’t very visible. Unfortunately implants made them very visible now. But they don’t bother me that much…I will be trying to tan them with lotion once I will be allowed to 🙂

    Natalie 3

    I bought Kiehls powerful line reducer with vitamin c in it for my face . It wasn’t doing my face any good so Iv started using it in my stretch marks on my breasts and it is starting to make a difference, Iv researched it and anything with vitamin c and hallouic (can’t spell sorry ) acid helps with markings on skin cxxx

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