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  • Charlotte 3

    Hey all, I had my consultation today with Linda Fiumara. She has said I could go to around 350cc however because I am petite she said to go with ultra high profile. My only concern is they’re going to stick out way too much and look very fake so I don’t know what to do? Should I go for less cc and see if I can go for high profile, would that even make a difference?

    Just feeling a bit confused and worried, anyone else been offered ultra high profile?

    Maria 21

    Hi I had ultra high profile, unders with Mr Mounir. Mine are 430cc. They are starting to fluff now n look natural, not stuck on. I wouldn’t go smaller cos everyone always says they wished they had went bigger lol. I have heard really good feedback about Fiumara, she knows what she’s doing xx

    Hannah 224

    If you’re really petite I recommend sticking with the UHP as the base is smaller it will fit your frame better. Maybe lower the cc in the UHP instead if you’re concerned although I wouldn’t as boob greed is crazy!

    I guess it depends how petite you are, if you get HP and your frame is tiny then they will stick out the sides to much xx

    Charlotte 3

    Thanks for your replies!

    Yeah Linda is great, I think it’s just because most of her work I see her use high profile so I had kind of convinced myself that’s what I would have. I spoke to my PC today and she said that Linda has requested a mix of HP and UHP so I think she may just see what works best on the day!

    Ashley 5

    I’ve been recommended UHP too for the same reason. I told my surgeon I wanted to be a DD and currently I’m only an A cup. He said that UHP will give more projection and help me to achieve that size. I was initially worried too about them looking fake but after reading into it the only difference is the implant isn’t as wide as the HP so it will fit better with your petite frame and give you the fullness you want. You should check out LisaFiit she’s a fitness blogger and recently had a BA with 340cc UHP implants and they look so natural. Dr Fiumaras work is amazing, I think you’re in safe hands and would trust her recommendations x

    Charlotte 3

    Ash I’m exactly the same, I’m about a B right now and said I wanted to be around a DD. I just checked out LisaFiit and she looks amazing – definitely wouldn’t mind if mine end up looking like that haha!

    Thank you lovely, feel way better about it now!

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