Surgery tomorrow soo nervous! Started by: Emma

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  • Emma 35

    Going into fitzroy tomorrow afternoon for re augmentation of boobs, removal of capsular contraction and vaser on arms, flanks and tummy,

    Can’t sleep feel sick so nervous!

    I think it’s the vaser recovery I’m afraid of – done it before with boobs so have some idea what to expect.! Atleast I’m general anaesthetic so win twp be awake for it all.

    How long do you have to wear the vest that people are talking about? I’m not too worried about garment but this vest sounds hideous from other posts here. Plus my fiancé can only look after me for 3days immediately after then I have my mum coming to take over, and she doesn’t know about the vaser part and figured baggy pjs would hide it b day 4, but I didn’t think through the vest thing!

    Ah man… This time tomorrow I’ll have been done and recovering!!


    Hi sweeTheart,
    I hope it all went really great for you. Wow! That’s a lot doing in one sitting though! Good for you! If I had the money I would do the same! Best wishes hun!!

    Please do let me know how vest thing turns out (they failed to even mention that one to me!! – I was gonna have my op then go on holiday! To the Caribbean!! For THREE weeks!!!

    I’ve read such bad feedback about MYA after care with patients whose surgery went wrong . I really want Vaser Liposuction after piling on over 20kgs from November last year following the murder of my step-son. I used to run to keep my trim size 8/10 shape and had even gone down to a size 6 in 2012 (I’m 5ft 9″). I can’t run any more (or even enjoy the gym) since damaging both my tendons! I can hardly walk most of the time to be fair so Vaser is my knight in shinning armour!
    I had my consultation (if you can call it that!) with my prospective surgeon (for all of what seemed like 5 minutes!) And was promptly told “No!” When I expressed that I wanted flanks and lower tummy done. He held no eye contact and quickly sat behind his desk writing up notes (?) following examination of my lower tummy which he said had a hernia. I was devastated and was almost ushered out the room straight away by his PA when I asked what do I need to do so I CAN have Vaser on that part. He said “See your GP” “…and what about my side bits?” I asked “Oh?” He questioned “You still want? Then yes! Yes you have l o t s there!!” as he continued to look at his piece of paper and busied himself with his writing… I was promptly shown the door..!!

    I felt totally invisible! How was your consultation? How many did you have?

    Emma 35

    Ps just to say about aftercare, the hospital nurses who looked after me overnight were so lovely! Not always sure they had as much oh knowledge on my procedures as I would have liked, and ended up in the wrong garment and things but that’s not necessirly their fault! But were really nice people and made me feel safe.

    And I had my first post op app yesterday, so just under 48hrs after surgery and again the mya nurse that did that (who seem to be much more knowledgable about procedures etc) was again lovely. Very reassuring, helped me when I nearly fainted a few times, and was very clear about next steps so I knew I was going to be ok etc. my only concern was that she redressed my BA incisions so soon which I hadn’t expected, and took the sticky bandage off my boobs and just put them back in bra having covered my incisions obviously!) I was a little worried by this but I’m back in in a weeks time so hopefully all will be ok til then!

    I would recommend them as
    A Company however I have pulled my hair out a few times with PCs in the past – infact my current PC I’ve never actually even met! Lol.

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