Surgery with Linda Fiumara on Feb 12th… need tips and advice to prepare Started by: Tamara

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  • Tamara

    Hi girls,
    Firstly I’m wondering if anyone else is due a breast enlargement with Dr Linda Fiumara soon? I’m booked in for Feb 12th for either 325 and 350cc or 350 and 375cc HP unders. And secondly I’ve bought a few things but wondered if anyone could advise me on what to else buy beforehand? Like any good pillow/sports bra recommendations…Any help would be appreciated 🙂 xxx

    Rachel 2

    I just put up a post on Dr Linda
    I had my op with her yesterday.
    She’s amazing really she is.
    In the end she is a perfectionist and will go with whatever looks best on you. It’s silly for us all to constantly be comparing sizes etc because honestly speaking a 400cc can look ridiculously large on one girl and perfect on another.
    Dr Linda will deffinatley go with what she knows will look beautiful on you.
    She spent 4 hours on me and when I kept asking ppl the next day (I stayed the night) they all kept saying that’s no surprise because she is a perfectionist. One nurse said she has worked with her many times and she simply sees her work as an art. She just takes time to create a beautiful masterpiece, I loved that!
    My only tip is to relax and leave it in her hands. I can’t recommend her enough.
    Her work is amazing!


    Hey Tam! I am also booked in for 12feb with Dr L Fiumara 🙂 Don’t think u need to take a lot, sports bra in ur size after op(approximately, they stretchy anyway), some snacks for after op just in case there’s nothing available u like( I am taking oat bar n fruit salad ) . Coming in as natural, clean no make up/perfume/deodorant.. I know ????hahaa but it’s for good. I am getting to hospital for 7am but was informed it can take up to 6 hours wait till actual surgery. What time u getting in for?

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