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    Swelling and numbness is norma after having an operation (numbness can last for 3/4 months) but if one is much more swollen than the other you should speak to the clinic and ask to speak to the nurse just to be on the safe side. Let her decide, she may ask you to come in earlier for you post-op appointment.


    Hi Ladies,

    I have just had a BA 4 weeks ago. It is my second one in 4 years. My first was saline and one of them leaked in February so I had them replaced with silicone. The one that had leaked (left one)shrunk inside my breast and scarring started to form around it. I had them both taken out and replaced. The staff and surgeon at MYA have been fantastic and so helpful, however I am starting to worry a little.

    My left one (the one that was dodgy) is still really swollen and about a cup size bigger than the left and also all down one side and underneath my breast is totally numb. Has anyone else had any problems like this before? I can’t remember if i did or not with my first BA and would just like some reassurance.


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