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    Sorry girls can I ask what everyone does about travel for the operation at the Fitzroy ? I was prepared to drive and thought they had a car park however at my pre-op they said they hadn’t and you would have to park in surrounding roads. This is fine but it’s £5.10 an hour with a max 2 hrs stay. My best friend is coming with me but its unfair that she will have to keep moving the car and it’s not like you can get public transport (the tube which was really convenient) as they want someone to drive you home and you need to be chaperoned. Sorry I know it’s a small problem compared to what I’m facing lol but I just trying to get prepared. I’m in on Saturday at 7am ! Thanks in advance, was just wondering what everyone else does xx


    Hi look on the website just park, think there’s one on there for £8 all day.

    Zoe Jordan 19

    Me and my partner paid for a long distance taxi from London to Birmingham after my breast reduction. We don’t have a car. It cost us £140 but it was worth it.

    Chloe 1

    There’s a ncp car park 5 monutes from fitzroy , google it , we used it today booked in advance was 33 for while day (5am-11.30pm ) xx


    Thanks for your replies, I will have a look today xx

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